In Taiwan, the River Billow Machinery was established in 1980. Furthermore, in September 2005, the Jianglian Machinery was founded in Jiangsu, Mainland China. We specialize in R&D and production of aluminum honeycombs with registered capital USD 4.5 million. The total business investment actually amounts to USD 9 million. With the stable growth of our companies, the techniques and equipment have been continually renewed and improved; therefore, in order to satisfy the demands of the broad market and focus on the company’s long-term business plan, in Taiwan, a new company,TCcore Applied Honeycomb Technology Co., Ltd. was established.




Honeycomb Core

RBTCH aluminum honeycomb core is a material that consists of hexagonal structure. With continuous R&D innovation, RBTCH aluminum honeycomb core can be compounded with different upper and lower material which is also called sandwich panel and become very light laminate board with extremely high strength composited panels. The facing panels can be selected by requisition from aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, color steel, glass steel, marble stone or deluxe wooden texture and plywood boards.

Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum honeycomb panels are the sandwich panels with quite high rigidity; in addition, at the same thickness, the weight is merely 1/5 of aluminum panel, 1/6 of glass, and 1/10 of steel plate. The connecting aluminum honeycomb inside the panels are just like numerous I-beams which are uniformly distributed and affixed between the upper and lower plates that make the panels uneasily deformed and more stable. Furthermore, at the performance of wind pressure resistance, aluminum honeycomb panel is also far better than aluminum plastic composite panel and aluminum single panel.